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+ Things to do in Lubumbashi
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+ – Visit the Lubumbashi Zoo
Explore the Lubumbashi Zoo, home to a variety of native and exotic animals. It’s a great place to spend a day with family and learn about the region’s wildlife.

+ – Visit the Lubumbashi National Museum
Learn about the history, culture, and traditions of the DRC at the Lubumbashi National Museum. The museum features exhibits on Congolese art, ethnography, and natural history.

+ – Shop at the Lubumbashi Market
Experience the vibrant local culture by visiting the Lubumbashi Market. Browse through stalls selling fresh produce, textiles, crafts, and other goods. It’s a great place to shop for souvenirs and interact with the local community.

+ – Explore the Mining Industry
Lubumbashi is known as the “Copper Capital” due to its rich mining industry. Visit a local mine or mining museum to learn about the importance of mining to the local economy and see the mining operations firsthand.

+ – Visit the Cathedral of Lubumbashi
Admire the beautiful architecture of the Cathedral of Lubumbashi, one of the city’s most iconic landmarks. Attend a service or simply explore the cathedral’s interior and exterior.

+ – Golfing
If you enjoy golf, visit the Lubumbashi Golf Club, one of the oldest golf courses in Central Africa. Enjoy a round of golf while taking in the scenic views of the surrounding landscape.

+ – Dine at Local Restaurants
Sample Congolese cuisine at local restaurants and eateries in Lubumbashi. Try traditional dishes such as fufu, moambe chicken, and grilled fish. Don’t forget to try local beverages like palm wine and cassava beer.

+ – Visit Lake Tshombe
Take a day trip to Lake Tshombe, located near Lubumbashi. Enjoy boating, fishing, and picnicking by the lake, surrounded by beautiful scenery and wildlife.

+ – Attend Local Festivals and Events
Experience the vibrant cultural scene of Lubumbashi by attending local festivals, music concerts, and events. Check out the city’s calendar of events to see what’s happening during your visit.

+ – Explore Nature Reserves and Parks
If you’re interested in nature and wildlife, visit the Lubumbashi Zoo or explore nearby nature reserves and parks. Enjoy hiking, bird-watching, and wildlife spotting in the lush forests and savannahs of the region.

Remember to respect local customs and traditions while visiting Lubumbashi, and always ask for permission before taking photos of people or their property. Enjoy your time exploring this dynamic and culturally rich city in the Democratic Republic of Congo!

+ Nearby Restaurants in Lubumbashi
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+ Nearby Shops in Lubumbashi
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