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+ Things to do in Moroni
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+ – Old Friday Mosque (Vendredi Mosque)
Visit the Old Friday Mosque, one of the oldest and most important mosques in the Comoros. Admire its unique architecture and intricate designs.

+ – National Museum of the Comoros
Explore the National Museum of the Comoros to learn about the history, culture, and traditions of the Comorian people through its exhibits of artifacts, photos, and cultural items.

+ – Iconi Beach
Relax and unwind at Iconi Beach, a beautiful sandy beach located near Moroni. Enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and taking in the scenic views of the Indian Ocean.

+ – Medina Market
Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the Medina Market, where you can shop for local crafts, spices, textiles, and fresh produce. Experience the hustle and bustle of daily life in Moroni.

+ – Mount Karthala
Take a guided trek to the summit of Mount Karthala, an active volcano located near Moroni. Enjoy hiking through lush forests and breathtaking landscapes, and witness panoramic views of the surrounding islands from the summit.

+ – Hamramba Waterfall
Visit Hamramba Waterfall, a picturesque waterfall located in the outskirts of Moroni. Enjoy a refreshing swim in the natural pool and relax in the tranquil surroundings.

+ – Arab Quarter (Medina)
Explore the Arab Quarter (Medina) of Moroni, known for its narrow streets, traditional houses, and historical landmarks. Discover the local architecture, mosques, and ancient buildings that reflect the city’s Arab heritage.

+ – Dziani Boundouni Mosque
Visit Dziani Boundouni Mosque, a beautiful mosque located on a hill overlooking Moroni. Enjoy panoramic views of the city and the coastline from this scenic spot.

+ – Cultural Performances
Attend traditional Comorian dance and music performances to experience the rich cultural heritage of Moroni and the Comoros. Look out for local festivals and events where you can witness traditional costumes, music, and dance.

+ – Boat Trips and Snorkeling
Take a boat trip or go snorkeling to explore the crystal-clear waters and colorful coral reefs surrounding Moroni. Discover a diverse range of marine life and enjoy the beauty of the underwater world.

Remember to respect local customs and traditions while visiting Moroni, and always ask for permission before taking photos of people or their property. Enjoy your time exploring this unique and culturally rich city in the Comoros!

+ Nearby Restaurants in Moroni
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+ Nearby Shops in Moroni
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